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The Future of Document Management Harnessing the Potential of Photocopier Machines

A photocopier is the heart of every establishment. Photocopiers are always in demand, whether a business, academic institute, or industry. They offer a variety of features for improving workflow and efficiency. Photocopiers have always maintained pace with changing technology. Hence, they are one of the most sophisticated devices available today. In addition to photocopying, they offer a wide range of features. Photocopiers come with monochrome and colour options. For typed documents with simple logos, a monochrome version is best suited. On the other hand, if photocopies of complex logos, illustrations and photographs are required, a colour photocopier proves beneficial.
As the name goes, the primary function of a photocopier is to reproduce document copies. Most photocopiers use laser technology that uses electrostatic charges on a light-sensitive photoreceptor to transfer toner to the paper to form an image. Positively charged paper attracts negatively charged toner powder. The drum is positively charged using static electricity. The laser transfers the master copy image on this drum. The white areas of paper lose their charge to turn negative. The black areas of the image (i.e. the text) are positively charged. Thus, the toner powder sticks to the black areas of the image on the drum. The drum attracts Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black toners for the colour copier. The toner powder melts and bonds with the paper using heat and pressure rollers. Finally, the photocopied document is generated from the copier.
Modern photocopiers are multifunction devices. Apart from photocopying, they also offer scan and print as standard features. This saves office space, investment and even recurring charges, as three functions are combined in one device. One of the most beneficial features of a photocopier is its resizing functionality. You can reduce or enlarge the image as required. Another feature is scanning, which can be opened on a computer. Modern photocopiers have Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanners. They convert typed text images to machine-encoded text. Printing is yet another logical addition to the photocopier device.
The estimated growth of global photocopier sales market is at a CAGR of 5.1%. This growth is due to the increasing demand for multifunctional and digital photocopiers. In addition, the increase in technological advancements is also contributing to this market development.

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